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Good (and free) software for editing videos on a Mac

One of our local business website clients recently asked about editing iPhone videos for her website. So, some of our team members had a pow-wow.... One team member tested playing around with iMovie for 5min and found it super easy to use for someone with no video...

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Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

Even though we have a website, we might not always be aware how Google portrays that website. Google is telling the world about you. It is important to know what it is saying. And it is also easy to then influence the results by telling Google what to tell the works...

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Gosford WiFi

I’ve been trawling the Central Coast for WiFi that can be used by nomadic workers with a laptop. I often need WiFi for a meeting with a client or between team members, or just a space for myself or someone on my team to work on a specific tasks with a change of...

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Central Coast Suburb Search Volumes

When you are marketing online for a local business, which suburbs do you want to show up in? Which ones are worth measuring your performance in? For local businesses who serve clients locally (either at their location or at their customers' location), you can expect...

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The 12 Essential Elements of a Local Business Website

1. Well-chosen domain name that is clear to customers 2. Email address on domain name – move away from displaying hotmail-type addresses 3. Tag Line – clearly explain what you provide, as if to someone who had no prior knowledge 4. Contact Details – clearly display...

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